Cheesemongers are people who buy and sell cheese. They maintain an important link between cheese makers and customers feeding information back and forth about flavour and texture, and about make and seasonality. The best ones also take on the task of storing and looking after cheese so that it can be sold when just right.

We began selling cheese in New Zealand from the back of a French Simca van at the Christchurch Arts Centre and Riccarton markets in 2000. It started as a part time venture and we stored and matured cheese in a large shipping container parked in our back garden. These days we are based in a shop and cheese store in Settlers Crescent, Ferrymead but still use our old van at weekend markets.

We stock proper cheese, carefully made and matured, from New Zealand and abroad. They have natural rinds and long lingering flavours. We cut everything to order, wrap in paper and recommend consuming sooner rather than later.  

The best cheeses are handmade and the very best use raw (unpasteurised) milk.  In recent years, New Zealand Dairy regulations have evolved in some way to accommodate this, though the remaining hurdles mean there are still less than a handful. We advocate for small scale, raw milk, skilled and passionate cheese making, and believe that these things are essential for producing wonderful, flavourful cheese. They go a long way to making it environmentally sustainable too.